Fishing Season.
The fishing season here opens on the 1st of October and runs through until the end of April with the exception of the high country which opens on the first Saturday of November. There are also some selected waters which are open to fish between May and September - contact us for further information on winter fishing options.

  • Oct: The start of the fishing season. Exceptional nymph fishing available.
  • Nov: Weather starting to warm. Good nymphing still to be had with some dry fly fishing.
  • Dec/Jan/Feb: Summer is here with warm weather. Excellent dry fly fishing.
  • Mar/Apr: Weather starting to cool again. Fish are in prime condition. A combination of dry fly and nymph fishing.

Guiding Fees.
Aoraki Fly Fishing guiding fees are NZ$575 per day for 1or 2 anglers.
Guiding fees cover - Road transport from accommodation to fishing sites, Fishing licenses, Fishing gear if required, Lite lunch and refreshments plus your guides friendly advice and services.


  • Rod and Line combinations are generally best in the 5 - 7 weight range, in lengths of 9' with a floating line.
  • Long leaders are recommended, usually 12 - 16 feet with a tippet size of 5x.
  • Polaroid fishing glasses are a must as is a wide brimmed hat, rain gear and sun tan lotion.
  • Natural or dull coloured clothing is best so you blend in with the natural environment.
  • Waders are not necessary over the summer months ( Dec - March ) unless the weather turns cold. If you choose to bring waders with you the light weight breathable Gor-Tex type are best.
  • Most New Zealand anglers over the summer months prefer to wet wade wearing shorts, polypropylene leggings ( long-johns ), warm socks and felt soled wading boots.

Fly Selections.
Some common fly patterns to use in the central south island region.

  • Dry Flies - Black knat, Royal Wullf, Adams, Loves Lure, Elk Hair Caddis, Green Beetle plus a selection of emerger patterns all in sizes 10 -16. Cicada patterns can work well during the summer months, these should be in the larger sizes of 8 - 10.
  • Nymphs - Hare and Copper, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Green Caddis plus Green and Brown Stoneflies - all in sizes 10 - 16. A good selection of nymphs in various weights should be carried in order to get them down to the bottom of our fast flowing rivers and streams. Bead head nymphs have also become very popular with New Zealand anglers over the last few years

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